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Das Programm der Magdeburger Developer Days 2023 (08. – 10. Mai 2023) ist online: https://t.co/h8Qtbd2uTV Ein Drittel aller Tickets sind schon verkauft nach einer Woche!

Ich werde am Montag einen Workshop halten und an jedem Konferenztag jeweils einen Vortrag.

@MiBMDDevDays https://t.co/3Pm7Rb3oD9
Twitter, 28.03.2023

Neu in .NET 7 [9]: Überladen von Operatoren in Schnittstellen ab C# 11.0   24.03.2023
Die jüngste C#-Version ermöglicht das Überladen von Operatoren nicht nur in Klassen, sondern auch in Interfaces.

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.NET Blog: Create a portfolio website without installing any tools https://t.co/hUvEBJhCfi

Create, customize, and deploy your own portfolio website in minutes without installing any tools. All you need is a GitHub account and a few minutes to get started. We will use GitHub Co…   23.03.2023
Twitter, 23.03.2023

Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio Toolbox: Integrated C++ Game Development https://t.co/RYGgur2kBe

The Visual Studio Toolbox show helps you become a more productive developer by focusing on tooling both in and outside of Visual Studio. The show is available both on Learn and Y…   23.03.2023
Twitter, 23.03.2023

.NET Blog: Discover .NET 7 SDK Containers – Support for Authentication and Cross-architecture Builds https://t.co/qCDVEjiByy

Back in August we announced support for building container images directly from the .NET CLI. Now, for the release of the .NET 7.0.200 SDK, we’ve expand…   23.03.2023
Twitter, 23.03.2023

Visual Studio Blog: GitHub Copilot chat for Visual Studio 2022 https://t.co/AajTXecSQA

GitHub Copilot has become a trusted AI-assisted pair programmer helping to auto-complete comments and code more productively. That’s just the beginning though! We’ve been working to evolve C…   22.03.2023
Twitter, 22.03.2023

Visual Studio Blog: Upgrading from IntelliCode custom team completions models to deep learning. https://t.co/qWgluwGALS

TL;DR – A deep learning model will now help provide starred completions for custom methods in the IntelliSense list. All users of Visual Studio 2022 will rec…   21.03.2023
Twitter, 21.03.2023

.NET Blog: Secure your .NET cloud apps with rootless Linux Containers https://t.co/vO7PWiA9mJ

Starting with .NET 8, all of our Linux container images will include a non-root user. You’ll be able to host your .NET containers as a non-root user with one line of code. This platfo…   21.03.2023
Twitter, 21.03.2023

.NET Blog: .NET Performance Delivers Again for Bing, From .NET 5 to .NET 7 https://t.co/MPmvPbUuxM

Nearly two years ago, I published an article detailing the upgrade of Bing’s central workflow engine (XAP) to .NET 5 from .NET Framework. You can see that post for a refresher on…   21.03.2023
Twitter, 21.03.2023

Visual Studio Blog: Streamlining your Debugging process with Breakpoint Groups https://t.co/5GJOddPb2o

Have you ever had a situation when you are debugging a complex scenario with a huge list of breakpoints, and you find yourself scrolling and tapping in the breakpoints window…   21.03.2023
Twitter, 21.03.2023

Fachveröffentlichung: Kolumne: .NETversum: dotnet new https://t.co/2MjNRhgv0n   21.03.2023
Twitter, 21.03.2023

.NET Blog: File and Folder dialogs in .NET MAUI with CommunityToolkit https://t.co/1EfVENbrT5

Note: This is a guest blog post by Vladislav Antonyuk, who is a senior software engineer at DataArt and a core contributor of the .NET MAUI Community Toolkit.

Interacting with files …   20.03.2023
Twitter, 20.03.2023

.NET Blog: Announcing: Azure Developers – .NET Day https://t.co/hnBb24NGHe

We’re thrilled to announce Azure Developers – .NET Day! Join us on April 5th for a full day of online training and discover the latest services and features in Azure designed specifically for .NET devel…   20.03.2023
Twitter, 20.03.2023

Visual Studio Blog: Help us investigate a new Welcome Experience in Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 2 https://t.co/L4RlYvymda

A central theme across Visual Studio releases is ‘get to code’ quickly. Over the years, we’ve tried many approaches to accelerate start up, project selectio…   16.03.2023
Twitter, 16.03.2023

.NET Blog: How Async/Await Really Works in C# https://t.co/OoPbnQSqPT

Several weeks ago, the .NET Blog featured a post What is .NET, and why should you choose it?. It provided a high-level overview of the platform, summarizing various components and design decisions, and promi…   16.03.2023
Twitter, 16.03.2023

Fachveröffentlichung: .NET 8.0: Zweite Preview beschleunigt WebAssembly-Anwendungen https://t.co/0eAYJ71sKb Neben dem Jiterpreter für Blazor WebAssembly, der einen Just-in-Time-Compiler mit einem Interpreter kombiniert, bringt .NET 8 Preview 2 neue Annotationen.   16.03.2023
Twitter, 16.03.2023

Windows Blog: Microsoft Store App Awards 2023 nominations are now open! https://t.co/JoDUfVF6Pz Microsoft Store App Awards is back this year! Nominations are now open through March 29, 2023, and the form is located here. For more information, keep reading. Attention Windows use…   15.03.2023
Twitter, 15.03.2023

Visual Studio Blog: Improving the Spell Checker https://t.co/f3oUBa4NGj

Welcome to our latest blog post about the spell checker feature in Visual Studio 17.6 preview 2! We’re excited to share with you the latest improvements we’ve made to this feature, which was first introduc…   15.03.2023
Twitter, 15.03.2023

.NET Blog: Announcing Polyglot Notebooks! Multi-language notebooks in Visual Studio Code https://t.co/oxYBc0S8Px

We are excited to announce that Polyglot Notebooks, Visual Studio Code’s multi-language notebook extension, is now generally available in the VS Code Marketplace!

…   15.03.2023
Twitter, 15.03.2023

The .NET 8 Preview 2 blog post https://t.co/YeUZzI6Bev does not mention the cool new C# feature "Primary Constructors" ??

Here is an example!


@dotnet #Dotnet https://t.co/YleCCWGPQe
Twitter, 14.03.2023

Softwarearchitekt, Dozent und Autor mit Schwerpunkt Microsoft .NET und Web Mehr…




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