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Am 22.11. präsentieren wir das dann fertige .NET 7.0 in einem Online Event. https://t.co/Jqe8FXSYNH

Noch bis zum 28.10. gibt es Frühbucherrabatt + 30€ Sonderrabatt mit diesem Code: https://t.co/DiO4KmdjFn --> nur 149 €/Person

dotnet https://t.co/WBrhL4Plqo


Twitter, 30.09.2022

.NET Blog: Experimental WebTransport over HTTP/3 support in Kestrel https://t.co/9tILObxUoY

We’re excited to announce experimental support for the WebTransport over HTTP/3 protocol as part of .NET 7 RC1.

This feature and blog post were written by our excellent intern Daniel G…   29.09.2022
Twitter, 29.09.2022

.NET Blog: Microsoft Teams’ Infrastructure and Azure Communication Services’ Journey to .NET 6 https://t.co/n0iI7tTgad

Microsoft Teams’ infrastructure team, or Intelligent Conversation and Communications Cloud (IC3), aspires to be the industry leading platform with reliable an…   28.09.2022
Twitter, 28.09.2022

Visual Studio Blog: Visual Studio for Mac 17.4 Preview 2.1 is now available https://t.co/kb1cD6VFAS

We are pleased to announce the second preview release of Visual Studio for Mac 17.4. This release has been focused on addressing feedback from customers and on improving the ove…   27.09.2022
Twitter, 27.09.2022

.NET Blog: Microsoft Commerce’s .NET 6 Migration Journey https://t.co/2zmHa5LOk0

Microsoft Commerce is a diverse set of services (>700) which transact Microsoft’s revenue in various ways – whether via our large catalog of products and services, maintaining licensing informatio…   26.09.2022
Twitter, 26.09.2022

.NET Blog: Use .NET from any JavaScript app in .NET 7 https://t.co/y4dUfFvWXX

.NET 7 provides improved support for running .NET on WebAssembly in JavaScript-based apps, including a rich JavaScript interop mechanism. The WebAssembly support in .NET 7 is the basis for Blazor Web…   26.09.2022
Twitter, 26.09.2022

Visual Studio Blog: Now Introducing Arm64 Support for VS Extensions! https://t.co/j2uXhLmo4Z

Back in June, we announced Arm64 Visual Studio 2022 application, the first version of Visual Studio that natively supports building and debugging Arm64 apps on Arm-based processors.  N…   22.09.2022
Twitter, 22.09.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Framework September 2022 Cumulative Update Preview https://t.co/KlSJOw0YoC

Today, we are releasing the September 2022 Cumulative Update Preview for .NET Framework.

Quality and Reliability

This release contains the following quality and reliability improvement…   20.09.2022
Twitter, 20.09.2022

.NET Blog: .NET MAUI in .NET 7 Release Candidate 1 https://t.co/u7nGzS8pAz

Today we are excited to announce the availability of .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) in .NET 7 release candidate 1 (RC1) with the release of Visual Studio 17.4 Preview 2.1. This includes the foundatio…   20.09.2022
Twitter, 20.09.2022

.NET Blog: Announcing Entity Framework 7 Release Candidate 1 https://t.co/DyJAaGtHIB

Entity Framework Core 7 (EF7) Release Candidate 1 has shipped! The team focused on addressing defects, minor enhancements, and putting the finishing touches on features.

See the full list of …   14.09.2022
Twitter, 14.09.2022

Entity Framework Core 7.0 Release Candidate 1 now available ??https://t.co/3PUCaVdx04

dotnet #efcore @efmagicunicorns https://t.co/DlGRFHYjKz


Twitter, 14.09.2022

.NET 7.0 Release Candidate 1 now available ??

dotnet @dotnet https://t.co/dMSIjrzIuR


Twitter, 14.09.2022

.NET Blog: Microsoft Teams Assignments Service’s Journey to .NET 6 https://t.co/sJBfE4i1CS

The Assignments and Grades features in Teams for Education allow educators to assign tasks, work, or quizzes to their students. Those with school aged children may know this Microsoft Te…   14.09.2022
Twitter, 14.09.2022

Am 22.11. veranstalten wir einen eintägigen Online-Event zu .NET 7.0 und C# 11 mit Top-Sprechern wie @rstropek @chwenz @thomasclaudiush @codemurai

Jetzt Sonderrabatt sichern: Frühbüherpreis noch mal 30 Euro günstiger, derzeit nur noch 149 Euro/Person!
https://t.co/DiO4KmdRuV https://t.co/Ztw4gse59L
Twitter, 14.09.2022

.NET Blog: .NET Framework September 2022 Security and Quality Rollup https://t.co/pcYQeAmpqW

Today, we are releasing the September 2022 Security and Quality Rollup for .NET Framework.


CVE-2022-26929– .NET Framework Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

This security …   14.09.2022
Twitter, 14.09.2022

.NET Blog: .NET September 2022 Updates – .NET 6.0.9 and .NET Core 3.1.29 https://t.co/ho7kpfr1Mc

Today, we are releasing the .NET September 2022 Updates. These updates contain security and non-security improvements. Your app may be vulnerable if you have not deployed a recent …   13.09.2022
Twitter, 13.09.2022

Die nächste BASTA!-Konferenz findet dieses Mal (ausnahmsweise) im Oktober statt: 10. bis 14.10.2022 in Mainz!

Mit diesem Code gibt es 15% Rabatt bei der Anmeldung:

Wir sehen uns in Mainz!   13.09.2022
Twitter, 13.09.2022

.NET Blog: Arm64 Performance Improvements in .NET 7 https://t.co/HqrLZYgDfX

The .NET team has continued improving performance in .NET 7, both generally and for Arm64. You can check out the general improvements in the excellent and detailed Performance Improvements in .NET 7 bl…   12.09.2022
Twitter, 12.09.2022

.NET Blog: .NET now on Windows Package Manager https://t.co/g6YWvy8PWC

Windows users now have a convenient way of installing .NET: the Windows Package Manager (winget). Winget makes it simple to find, install, uninstall, and update .NET from a Command prompt or PowerShell sess…   12.09.2022
Twitter, 12.09.2022

.NET Blog: .NET 7 comes to Azure Functions & Visual Studio 2022 https://t.co/jmBUlTOhMK

NOTE: This blog was originally posted to the Apps on Azure blog for the initial preview and Visual Studio 2022 support.

We’re thrilled to announce that Azure Functions v4 now supports .NET…   09.09.2022
Twitter, 09.09.2022

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